The German-Danish experience

If you feel like experiencing a little bit of both countries, Frigård Camping in Kollund offers you the ideal opportunity! Categorized as one of Denmark’s best campsites, we are situated just next to the German border.

In Kollund, you will find varied nature with bays, forests and beaches, next to Flensburg and its bay, just three kilometer from the Danish-German border in Kruså. Visit the various shops, bars and restaurants in Flensburg and enjoy a variety of excursions in Denmark and Germany.

Enjoy the beautiful nature and the many activities for adults and children alike – and a pleasant vacation, as far down south as you can get – at least in Denmark.

Let the children play, swim and have fun in morning on our beautiful campsite, then plan a trip to Germany for the afternoon – crossing the border is convenient and easy!

We are open all year round. We can’t wait to meet you here in Southern Denmark!


Aktiviteter for børn!

We have created an entire activity calendar for you and your family when you visit us at Frigård Camping. In this way, there will always be something interesting to do. Click here to see our activity calendar!



At Frigård Camping, you will find many high quality facilities, such as the heated swimming pool, community houses, and different kitchens! Read more about our many facility buildings here!



There are many things to experience close to our camping grounds, both in Germany and South Denmark. Click here to see just a few of the various opportunities.


Here is a catalogue showing our huts and camping trailers for rent. Come and explore some of the opportunities.

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