Internet at Frigård Camping

All our guests have access to free wireless Internet connection, and a computer will be at your disposal as well, if you do not carry a laptop with you.

The Internet is intended for regular surfing on the net, checking your E-mails, reading the news or using social media such as Facebook.

How do you get access?

Look for the strongest network connection you computer picks up, it has got the same name as our campsite. No password is needed.

We are not responsible for connecting your computer to the Wi Fi, but we will do our best to help if you have questions!

We will always intend to deliver a good connection. Please be aware that this is not the case on all locations on the site – give it a try.

This is not allowed

It is not allowed to use our connection for movie streaming, heavy downloading, downloading and distribution of violent material or porn, as well as other illegal stuff.

Can you help me?

Our receptionists are happy to help to the best of their abilities – but they are not expected to have knowledge about connecting your laptop to the internet or about the necessary equipment. Please contact us, if the is a network breakdown.

It is not our responsibility to provide a 24/7 connection, but we do try our best, and we have efficient partners and suppliers to help us.

 Possible causes for connection problems

There are countless reasons for connection failure, and here we are merely listing a couple of them, as well as some suggestions how to establish the connection.

According to our experience, it has been challenging to connect Apple products to our internet. We run an open network connection, whereas Apple may require a secured connection. The same applies for Windows Vista.

Some challenges are caused by a virus or malware. These can be removed with Microsoft Security Essentials, which you can download for free on and Malwarebytes, which you can download for free on

The speed of a PC and other devices does not have an impact on the internet usage on the campsite.

However, when many users are connected to the Internet at once, you can expect a slow connection.

We do not in any way guarantee a constant connection, but we do continuously update and repair our equipment, in order to live up to the best standard!