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Terms and Conditions for internet trade and online booking

These conditions apply for Frigård Camping

Information for users of Frigård Camping online booking and payment:

(online booking on our homepage will be available as of March)


Sales and delivery conditions

In the paragraphs below, you will find useful information regarding our online booking facility. Here you can read about how your personal information is treated, how you will receive your confirmation when you make a reservation and more. In the following, FRIGÅRD CAMPING will be used as a synonym for Niels Friis APS.



All prices listed on the online booking pages, as well as all prices on the FRIGÅRD CAMPING homepage, are indicated in Danish currency, DKK, including VAT and all fees, unless it is clearly stated otherwise.

You can pay by using one of the credit or debit cards valid for the online booking facility, such as Visa, Visa Debit, Maestro, MasterCard and JCB. Payment with a foreign card via the online facility imposes a fee of 2.75%. The final amount will be visible on the final payment page, once a form of payment has been chosen.


Information on internet trade

It is safe to book and pay through our online booking system. As a user, you are generally secured against potential abuse of your credit card on the internet. Thus, there is no own risk in the case of abuse of your payment card on the internet. On the following pages you can read more about security measures regarding online payment: and


Dispatch and delivery

When you book a cottage, caravan or a camping spot for your own tent or caravan, FRIGÅRD CAMPING will send you a contract in which you will find the account statement of your purchase. This contract can be printed from our homepage after the booking has gone through and will also be sent per E-mail directly after the purchase, given that we have been informed of the correct E-mail address.

FRIGÅRD CAMPING will start the delivery of the product that you booked on the day of arrival and will end it on the day of your departure. Both of these times will be stated in the contract.


Refund Policy

Once a cottage, caravan or camping spot is booked, the rental agreement may not be changed or cancelled by the tenant. However, he can choose a cancellation insurance which makes it possible to cancel against a fee. The cancellation insurance premium will not be refunded. Without this insurance, the following conditions apply:

If you cancel your reservation within 14 days from the date of reservation, the entire amount will be refunded to you.

If you cancel your reservation more than 30 days prior to your arrival, the entire amount will be refunded to you, except for the administration fee of DKK 500.00.

If you cancel your reservation less than 30 days prior to your arrival but more than 14 days prior to your arrival, half of the amount will be refunded to you, but a minimum of DKK 500.00 administration fee is payable.

If you cancel your reservation less than 14 days prior to your arrival, no refund applies.


Cancellation Insurance – What does it cover?

The costs of the cancellation insurance which applies in case of illness will amount to 5% of the total price.

The insurance will cover the part of the tenancy price – excluding the insurance premium – which Frigård Camping will not refund in case of cancellation, in a situation where the stay in the rented cottage will not be possible or extremely difficult:

1.1.1 in case the insured person or the spouse, cohabiting partner, children, parents in law, children in law, grandchildren, siblings, grandparents, sister or brother in law or any travel companion passes away or faces serious or acute illness or injuries where hospital treatment is considered necessary, or where rest has been prescribed by the doctor, or any comparable circumstances.


Acute Illness

An acute illness which is covered is defined as a recently diagnosed illness, or the justified suspicion of a serious illness, or an already existing or chronic illness which is unexpectedly aggravating.

1.1.2 if a considerable damage has been caused to the private property of the insured person just prior to the holiday, for instance due to fire or burglary, or if the insured person’s own company has been exposed to fire, burglary or stoppage of work in contravention of the collective agreement.

1.2 Requirements for insurance coverage:

In order to be entitled to insurance coverage, the insured person must provide Frigård Camping with proof of the insurance event, i.e. a medical certificate, death certificate or police statement.

1.3 Period of the policy:

The insured person is covered from the date of subscription until the day the insured person commences the holiday stay.


How can you cancel your reservation and claim a refund?

In order to obtain a refund, Frigård Camping must be informed of the cancellation at the latest 12.00 am on the day of arrival. In any case, the insured person is asked to inform Frigård Camping as soon as possible of the cancellation.

The expenses of the medical certificate are to be paid by the insured person.

In the case of injury, a confirmation from the hospital or doctor will be needed to obtain a refund.

In case of death, please send a copy of the death certificate. In case of burglary or fire, please send us a copy of the police report.

The insurance premium will not be refunded.


Registration of personal information

FRIGÅRD CAMPING registers your name, address, E-mail address and all other details in connection with the purchase in our database. Frigård Camping does not pass on your information to a third party, but we will keep it for 5 years.

FRIGÅRD CAMPING uses server site cookies and a secure connection in order to protect your details.

Your credit card payment is protected through the secure server, where your details will be encrypted before they are processed on the internet.



If for any reason you did not receive your confirmation of purchase, and you did not receive an error message from the system neither, you can contact us on the below E-mail address or phone number.

If you have complaints about the booking process or the product itself, please inform us immediately after having noticed the mistake, even if it could have been prevented by reading through the contract, as it will be our aim to correct the mistake or solve the problem immediately. It is possible to complain in writing or by addressing us in person. According to the Danish Act of Purchase § 83, no. 1, your right to complain will cease one year after your stay, unless it was agreed upon otherwise.

Whenever FRIGÅRD CAMPING receives a complaint about your booking or your stay, we will look into it as soon as we possibly can. We will then evaluate whether you are entitled to a refund or if a product exchange can be made, or if we can compromise regarding the price.

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