Jacuzzi | First Camp Frigård - Flensborg Fjord

Try an original Jacuzzi®

Make a reservation in the reception.

Price for 1½ hour: DKK 199.00 / € 28.00

Your skin will not be exposed to chlorine in an original Jacuzzi® – only to clean water! And if you wish, amazing oils to pamper yourself additionally.

To regular hot tubs, you can add essential oils, but only in an original Jacuzzi® you can add thick aroma oils without a problem.

The Jacuzzi® we provide at Frigård Camping offer you a relaxing massage – and for extra soft skin, you can add a bit of olive oil to the water.

A series of natural and nurturing herbal oils are available on the market, which for most people is a whole new discovery of wellbeing.

The internet and health or body shops are the easiest way of exploring the different varieties; you get jasmine, chestnut, lavender, wild roses, lemon, aloe vera, rosemary, thyme, berries, sandalwood, laurel, green tea, orange blossoms, and many more – find your favourite!

Essential Oils

Exfoliation is incredibly good for your skin. For the extra relaxation, make an aroma therapy of your Jacuzzis® bath with essential oils. Concentrated aromas made of herbal essences will have a positive impact on your wellbeing and mood, as well as on your health, when inhaling them or absorbing them through your skin.

The best way of absorbing these beneficial substances is with plenty of hot water, so the Jacuzzi® is an excellent way of improving your wellbeing and having a wonderful relaxing time.

Not only will it cleanse your body intensely, but also stimulate your blood circulation and help your lymphatic system get rid of toxins. Removing dead cells and impurities is essential for the health and renewal of your skin. Use a rich body lotion after your bath – also recommended for men! In these Jacuzzi® tubs, all you have to do is to relax and enjoy the heat and the massage, which will make your blood vessels expand and your blood pressure decrease.

Enjoy how millions of tiny bubbles massage your body gently and efficiently. Enjoy how the oils of best quality are massaged into your skin.

You will not only be clean, but also healthy and happy – and your skin will love it!